Can you Avoid a Swimsuit in Florida?

E is nearly five months. So, I have decided that it's about time to do something about my baby weight. Unfortunately, since leaving work my baby weight has now combined with my stay at home and eat all day weight, and my married and happy weight. So you could say I have a lot of work to do. I have tried every diet in the world, from Atkins to weight watchers, shakes to raw food, and I have decided to go with my oldie but goody. The Slim Fast diet. I know, you may think that it is a fad diet and you can't live forever on this diet. You're right about that because anyone willing to drink those chalky shakes for a lifetime might as well just give up now. But I have had success in the past losing a significant amount of weight and then maintaining it with diet and exercise. So far it has been 9 days. 9 long days. But to be honest it isn't that bad.

In the back of my mind I know I'm also doing this for my son. I don't want E to have the mom who won't play with him on the floor because I can't get back up. Or the mom who is out of breath playing with him at the park. Or worse, not playing at all at the park! I don't want him to think that a balanced meal is pasta or McDonald's. I also don't want him to think of his mom as the "fat mom". I want him to know nutrition, eat vegetables, and see me working out and think that is normal. So I am 9 days into this diet and 7 pounds less than when I started. Can you tell? Hell no. I need to lose quite a few more for that to happen. But for now I eat well and exercise, for me and for my son. Because really who wants their children to remember them laying on the couch eating chips? Nobody. Would I love to lay on the couch and eat chips? Yes. (Mmmmm chips.) But I am committed to this and to what I have set out to do. So, can you avoid a swimsuit in Florida? Yes. But what's the fun in that?

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