How come you can wash your hands 15 times and yet you swear they still smell like poop? Really, you couldn't wait until after I was done changing you to poop...?


Mommy Pet Peeves

How come when my baby boy is wearing a blue onsie that says "Ladies Man" people still say he's a pretty girl?


I don't care who you are, or how many grandchildren you have that live in New York, don't put your hands in my child's mouth.


Why is it that the baggers at Publix only offer to help you out to your car when your husband is with you?
Really, because two days ago when I was all alone except for the 20 pound child strapped to my chest , I really felt like challenging myself.


Why is it that people who haven't had small children in over 30 years, if ever, find it necessary to give you TONS of unwanted advice? Yeah, I think I should give him peas at 3 weeks old. NO!


Don't say being a stay-at-home mom is "easy" or "just like vacation". And never, ever ask me "what have you been doing all day"? I may have to kill you for that one!


Please, don't let your dog near my child. In fact, why don't you both stay away!


Yes I am nursing. You can't see anything, so get over it! On that note, please don't tell me how much easier life would be if I used formula. You don't think I know that. If you would like to have a breast feeding versus formula debate, bring it on!!


And last, but certainly not least, if a woman is walking around with a newborn or young infant, don't ask her when she's due. It's baby weight you dumbass!


I Hate Mondays, But I love...

my Protect-a-Bub Classic Sunshade!

When we were in Disney World last week my main concern was my soon to be 6 month old son, E. I was concerned about the heat and his sun exposure. So the week before we left I went on a mission to find something to help with shading him while in his stroller. I went through a few items before I found a great product. Many items like umbrellas and fans that clipped to his stroller were not worth the money. So I returned them and found a great one that reatails for around thirty dollars. It is called Protect-a-Bub Classic Sunshade. And just like the name states, it really does Protect your Bub! It is a large canopy made of sun protective fabric that you easily attach to your stroller. It can be used in many different positions, depending on the amount of sun protection that you need. 

When we were in Disney I used it with the fullest sun protection available the entire time. And boy, did I make the other moms jealous. A lot of pointing, and "that's cool" coming from parents while their poor kids were melting in the sun. I've kept it on the stroller since then and used it for my daily walks, and it is the only thing that keeps the morning sun out of E's eyes. I love it! I purchased mine at Buy Buy Baby, and you can find other retailers at http://www.protect-a-bubusa.com/. Below is a picture of the sun shade in one postion, and below that is our family at Epcot with the shade in position to get the most amount of protection possible.

I purchased this product on my own and was not compensated in any way for my opinion or review.


I Know, I Know...

So... I've been gone for a little while. To be honest, I hadn't even realized it had been so long. I've come to terms with the fact that I have to make time for myself once in a while. And so I am back, and hopefully I won't drop off the side of the earth again. I wanted to share some news and information with everyone. First of all, I was surprised to find out that I was featured on a fellow mom's blog called A Survival Guide for Rookie Moms! You can check it out at http://survival4moms.com/baby_book/my-mommy-group-my-sanity/. So that got me thinking about the fact that I miss blogging. Even though I haven't been doing it that long, I think it is therapeutic and good for me. With that said, I hope you will welcome me back.

I did have one good excuse for not posting, we went on vacation to Disney World with my in-laws and my husband's brother's whole family. The age range for the children was very broad from 5.5 months (my little E) to 13 years old. And all ages in between. Since we live in Florida, it was only a 3 hour drive to Orlando, and we stayed in a beautiful home that was rented for the week. It was nice, especially to be together at night and hang out as a family. But it was also hard to make 11 people happy!! So, we often split into groups. I got to ride on my favorite rides! Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Tower of Terror! But it was exhausting having to deal with a baby, nurse in public in the heat, and I was concerned with keeping E hydrated and safe. But all in all it was a successful, but tiring trip! Which took me a week to  recuperate from. It was my first time in an amusement park with an infant, and it was difficult. I am fully rested now, and ready to get back to blogging, and the rest of my life! And, although I loved it, I hope it will be a few more years until we decide to go back to Disney World again!

Below is a picture of my husband, E and I with Mickey!!!