I Know, I Know...

So... I've been gone for a little while. To be honest, I hadn't even realized it had been so long. I've come to terms with the fact that I have to make time for myself once in a while. And so I am back, and hopefully I won't drop off the side of the earth again. I wanted to share some news and information with everyone. First of all, I was surprised to find out that I was featured on a fellow mom's blog called A Survival Guide for Rookie Moms! You can check it out at http://survival4moms.com/baby_book/my-mommy-group-my-sanity/. So that got me thinking about the fact that I miss blogging. Even though I haven't been doing it that long, I think it is therapeutic and good for me. With that said, I hope you will welcome me back.

I did have one good excuse for not posting, we went on vacation to Disney World with my in-laws and my husband's brother's whole family. The age range for the children was very broad from 5.5 months (my little E) to 13 years old. And all ages in between. Since we live in Florida, it was only a 3 hour drive to Orlando, and we stayed in a beautiful home that was rented for the week. It was nice, especially to be together at night and hang out as a family. But it was also hard to make 11 people happy!! So, we often split into groups. I got to ride on my favorite rides! Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Tower of Terror! But it was exhausting having to deal with a baby, nurse in public in the heat, and I was concerned with keeping E hydrated and safe. But all in all it was a successful, but tiring trip! Which took me a week to  recuperate from. It was my first time in an amusement park with an infant, and it was difficult. I am fully rested now, and ready to get back to blogging, and the rest of my life! And, although I loved it, I hope it will be a few more years until we decide to go back to Disney World again!

Below is a picture of my husband, E and I with Mickey!!!

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